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About Us


Please review the application process under the Quick Links tab to the right. Below are a few tips and details you should know before you submit your application.

Each application is processed in the order received. We understand the urgency in completing the application process and work very hard to complete this process quickly. Applications are approved on a first come first approved basis. The application process takes as long as it takes to verify all of the information on the application.

Here are a few tips:

  • Fill the application out completely and legibly. Incomplete applications take longer to verify. This can cause the property to get rented to the next applicant who has completely filled out their application.
  • Let your landlords, and employers know we are calling. We do not hold back the completion of other applications while we wait for phone calls to be returned.
  • Make sure that the employer you put down on your application can verify your dates of employment and gross monthly income. Include fax numbers, bring in copies of your paystubs, hire letters on company letterhead, banks statements, W 2 forms and/or any other documentation needed to verify the income that is put down on the application. The more documentation you bring in with your application the faster it is to complete the application process.
  • If you rent from a Property Management Company or an Apartment Complex include the fax numbers. Most Property Management Companies and Apartment Complex’s will not verify rental history over the phone. They require that we fax them our requests. Please let them know we are faxing this documentation to them and stay on top of them returning our verification forms and phone calls.
  • Most applications sit incomplete because the landlord verification or employment verifications take so long to be returned to us. Be prepared and communicate to all of your references the importance and urgency of them returning our calls and faxes quickly.

Kelley Rentals goal is to rent well maintained homes out to qualified renters. We strive to be excellent landlords and property managers. If you are considering buying a home we would also love to help you when you’re ready. Bill Kelley has been involved in Real Estate for nearly 40 years. He offers special incentives to our tenants when purchasing their home through Kelley Realty.

We sincerely thank you for considering Kelley Rentals and wish you the best on your housing search.